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Remeddy knew from an early age that his world would not just involve, but revolve around music. As a youngster, he became enthralled with the world of music, with a special affinity for  "golden era" hip hop, 80’s new wave & funk, classic rock, and the pioneer 90’s house movement. In his teenage years, after satisfying the itch of learning his two favorite instruments, the guitar and piano, he set out to conquer the instrument that captivated him most of all: two turntables and mixer. When life brought him to the Phoenix, AZ metro, he spent the next stretch of his life mastering his skills as a DJ and producer, showcasing his work to locals while spinning at venues throughout the valley in pursuit of his "big break". Eager to make his mark on the industry, the San Francisco native returned home with a personalized music library of massive variety and dove head first into his native music scene he had been away from. 

Remeddy exploded onto the San Francisco nightlife scene upon his move back home, shooting through the DJ ranks in speedy fashion with nothing more than a record bag full of good music and the hunger to wow a crowd. Toting an arsenal of hip hop, rock, house, and everything in between, Remeddy's one-of-a-kind sound and refreshing approach to DJ'ing quickly amassed a growing fan base while grasping the attention of industry pros around town and beyond. With years in the studio as a remixer/producer, his grail of personal edits, mash-ups, and remixes blessed his sets with an unreplicable personality, as it continues to today.

The rising star currently stands as one of the highest in-demand DJ's in the San Francisco circuit, and continues to expand among the West Coast with guest performances in Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Santa Barbara, and Sacramento. On a weekly basis, he can be found at San Francisco nightlife staples such as Harlot, Manor West, Vessel, Infusion, and Slide, and since 2007 holds a Saturday night residency at Circa, one of the highest grossing lounges in the Bay Area. Outside of the club scene, his DJ sets are a commodity in the elusive world of private and corporate clientele, regularly called upon by the inner circles of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley elite.